1. how my bones stick out in so many places, like my hips and collarbone, and how he wrote that thing once about not being turned on by boobs or asses but by how prominent a girl's bone structure is
    and how that was an unhealthy mindset but i internalized it even so
  2. how i took some pills and maybe i shouldn't have but it's okay it's okay it's okay as long as i'm safe
  3. new york and that i'm actually moving there in less than a month oh lord i'm so not ready
  4. the boy of my dreams who i had for a brief while, who wants me back, who had his hand tangled in my hair last night
    but i know it's wrong for us and i know he knows too but it's so hard to be logical about these things
  5. my best friend and how i miss her all the time and we could've been together still if only i hadn't left but i needed to for me and she knows that
    but it's so hard to be logical about these things
  6. you and how you just texted me to come over and i know we've only been together for a month but my god it feels like i could spend a year with you and not get bored
    but then I think, is that true? do i even know enough about you yet?
  7. how i fell in love once after a month and how i can't ever imagine that being possible again, not because i'll never meet someone else who makes me feel that way, but because i'm not 19 anymore
    thank god i'm not 19 anymore