1. With the guy from tinder aka meme boi
  2. He! Is! So! Cute! And! Cool!
  3. Got this text at like 5:30
    Wow he sounds so chill. Do I sound chill? I need to sound chill
  4. I was v nervous bc we had been talking for like a week and a half and I liked him a lot
  5. I ran a Twitter poll bc my life is all a spectacle for the Internet likes
    Thanks for the vote of confidence y'all
  6. And then I went to Taco Bell bc I hadn't eaten much all day and we were gonna be drinking. But I was TOO NERVOUS to eat it while I was driving so I showed up to his house?? With a taco???
    What is wrong with me
  7. But he's cool af so
  8. It was a really good date. Like rly good. We smoked and went to the bars and walked around outside and there was some ~smoochin and other things back at his house (we won't get into that now) and it was good
  9. Took a vid of him and put it on my snap story is he not so cute
    He's saying "life is very good" in this terrible Italian accent
  10. He texted me when I got home
  11. He texted me this morning
  12. I am haaaaapppyyyy