Inspired by @ListPrompts and a nice convo with @lesbian 💕
  1. In high school, at the end of my freshman year when the rumors started that my brother had dated a guy before his current girlfriend, I would've reacted differently.
  2. When his girlfriend was reported to have said, "Oh my god, I can't believe he had a DICK in his mouth!" I should've reacted differently.
  3. When I told my brother, "Have you heard what they're saying about you?" I should've stopped there.
  4. Instead of saying, "Don't worry, I told them all it's not true. There's no way it's true!"
  5. Then he wouldn't have had to say, "It's okay, Kim. Graduation is Saturday. It doesn't matter what they think so stop talking to them about it."
  6. At the VERY LEAST I should've stopped talking to people about it.
  7. Instead of "defending" him.
  8. Instead of spending the next few years comforting my mom by saying, "Of course he's not gay! He dated THREE GIRLS in high school!"
  9. I should've said, "What does it matter, Mom? He's still your son."
  10. And I did later, once he told me after I graduated high school that he was bi.
  11. I took my mom to the polling place when Maryland voted to legalize same sex marriage.
  12. I begged her to think of her son and decide whether she wanted to stop him from being able to get married.
  13. But I could've done something earlier, and I didn't.