Everything is gray rn
  1. Started back at my kitchen job this weekend and worked 19 hours combined on Saturday and Sunday
    It actually went fine. Had fun with my friends who still work there. wasn't overly stressed
  2. But yesterday was not good. Drove to the office in Baltimore (an hour away) and only stayed for about 4 hours
  3. Got home, took a shower, laid in bed for the rest of the night. Meant to work more but didn't.
  4. Today, haven't done any work really. Haven't done much of anything.
  5. Really had to force myself to get in my car and drive to the clinic for the appointment I made for STD testing (hey, if it's been more than 6 months since your last screening, GO GO GO)
    But they don't take my insurance and they wanted to charge me $225 so I left and am now super bummed
  6. Been trying to find a FREE clinic online for a while and am having no luck
  7. My boss texted me to ask how far I've gotten in my current assignment and I lied bc I've been doing nothing
    This is gonna bite me in the ass soon
  8. This apathy is crippling
  9. Idk what to do
  10. I know it'll pass, but it's frustrating right NOW
  11. Currently have no emotions but "well this sucks"
  12. Sorry, don't know what else to do but list about it
    Here are some apathetic FJM valentines that rly get me