My internet persona was kimmykazoo for like eight years and I am emotionally attached to kazoos. Recently realized I've been listening to a ton of songs that feature kazoo solos. HERE THEY ARE.
  1. It Hurts - Bad Bad Hats
    They are so FUN
  2. Holy Cannoli - Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra
    Holy fuckannoli 🎶
  3. American Tune - AJJ
    Not my fave of theirs, but it's a good'un. Also see: Kazoo Sonata in Cmaj
  4. Crying at the Wawa (feat. Mal Blum) - Chris Gethard
    Relate to this song 2 much
  5. Johnny Get Angry - Joanie Summers
    These lyrics are upsetting...but that KAZOO
  6. Happy Boy - The Beat Farmers
    I found this while searching the Internet for kazoo songs and tbh this is the best kazoo playing I've ever heard?!
  7. Lovely Rita - The Beatles
    There's no interlude here, but the kazoo is used intermittently, maybe. The Internet said it might be wax paper, but like a kazoo is just glorified wax paper. I know it's a stretch, I KNOW
  8. Here's the playlist
  10. I mean this isn't really a song, but it's a creepy children's' show centered around kazoos!
    Suggested by   @kellyk
  11. Listen to D Bag Rag by The Avett Brothers. Every time they play it they throw their kazoos into the audience
    Suggested by   @audreypalumbo
  12. Pink Floyd - Corporal Clegg
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont