LISTS that have not made it to LI.ST

Inspired by @yikes and @socks
  1. All the new movies I've watched this year
    Actually this one made it. I'm a dirty liar.
  2. Things that are said by me or friends that I decide would make good band names or song/album titles
    There are SO MANY
  3. Present ideas for my parents bc they're terrible to shop for
  4. Possible karaoke songs bby
  5. Not sure what this is???
  6. Ideas for @online's bday cake that never happened 😔😔😔
  7. A Halloween mystery
  8. I have no idea
  9. Ideas for my fb album when I was living in Prague. Went with the second one.
  10. Aaand lots of fragments that may become poems some day
  11. Again
  12. And again
  13. There are so many more WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY NOTES