Inspired by @nathanveshecco but like...I don't really have memories, so we'll see if the Internet can help.
  1. I was 11 and I was in sixth grade.
  2. My brother had just started high school, so I was officially the last of my siblings in our Catholic elementary/middle school.
  3. I wrote an essay for school about why W should win over Kerry, but really I was just listening to what my parents thought.
    How times CHANGE, my friends.
  4. Ronald Reagan died, which I only remember bc I wrote about it for class.
    We had to do these news things every week from 5th-8th grade. It got more intense every year, but essentially you had to summarize and state the importance of a national news article and an international news article. This practice succeeded in making me hate reading the news.
  5. Mean Girls came out this year, but I'm almost certain I didn't watch it until 8th grade.
  6. My sister was in college and Friends had just ended. I remember staying in her dorm room and watching episode after episode (as she had downloaded all of them in preparation for the finale) and eating cookie dough and Oreos.
    I remember thinking college was AMAZING. And my sister was amazing, of course. I still think this.
    Oh my god, what a staple at our monthly dances. Damn, 2004 was a YEAR
  8. Carrie Underwood won American Idol and then my mom took me to the concert when the top 12 were touring.
    This show was all I cared about for a couple of years. I dreamed of auditioning with a Beatles song (?? I'm weird)
  9. Pope John Paul II died, which was actually a huge deal for me. This was the year I had started questioning my faith and I thought my doubts had personally affected the life of someone I really truly respected.
    Catholic guilt is so real.
  10. I went to Live 8 in Philly! It was awesome, and kind of unexpected. My mom told us we were going like the day before and we got up early and took the train into Philly. I didn't really know what was happening, but Will Smith was there and everyone sang the Fresh Prince theme song in unison, so I was happy.
  11. Musically, I had some bad taste: Black Eyed Peas, Hilary Duff, all popular songs played at the dances
  12. But this was also a huge staple for me.
    I knew all the words to every song, and even though my mom had been playing the entire discography for me since I was born, I still wanted to bop around to this alone in my room.
  13. I had a diary at this time, but I found it when I was 13 and I was so embarrassed that I pulled out every single page and hand shredded it. I've always been an editor :')