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Omg what a request THANKS
  1. School dances once a month in middle school. Our class was always on the right side by the radiators. I slow danced with every boy in class over the 3 years 😉
    That's 11 boys, if you're wondering.
  2. St. Matt's was another catholic school in Wilmington, DE and they had the most CRAZY DANCES. Everyone in the diocese was allowed to go and I went once and wore a pink spaghetti strap top. Everyone was grinding which we were not allowed to do at ICS and I left after an hour.
  3. Our lunch table was banned because we were the only coed table in the cafeteria.
  4. Fifth grade was the year we could start getting demerits and detentions. It took three demerits to get a detention and I had at least one detention every year.
    My principal: "You are the least well-behaved Anguish child, Kimberly. Lauren and David NEVER had this many demerits." 🆗🆒
  5. We had to have our quizzes signed by our parents every week in honors math and all of us forgot but this ONE ASSHOLE STEPHEN who just had to bring it up. So bc we knew he was going to do that, we all forged our parents' signatures.
    And I was the one out of 13 to get in trouble bc the nun knew my mom's signature from having both of my siblings in her class 😩 I learned that forging a signature is ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL
  6. I was the first person to get an AIM account (because my sister was going to college and she wanted to be able to chat with me) and I started the trend in my class.
    sweetea0093 I'm still confused about this username like??? Eventually I settled on kimberlayyx3 ⚰
  7. We all got MySpaces in fifth or sixth grade and the computer teacher found out and banned us from having them. Which tbh I don't think she can do??
    But we weren't 13 yet and I remember she had her own account that she would lurk on and try to find us, then report us to our parents. Snitch.
  8. In art class we had to wear these "smocks," which were basically just big t-shirts, while we were painting so we didn't ruin our uniforms and once I wrote my name all over the back of my best friend's smock. I honestly thought it wasn't going to be a big deal??
    But I got into a crazy amount of trouble and we both had to write essays about why vandalizing school property was wrong. Plus detention.
  9. The school plays were these horrible productions that were made just for elementary/middle schools but weren't actual musicals. Like my first was in 5th grade and it was called Way Out West in a Dress.
    My brother was the main character. He inherited a saloon and he brought his whole acting troupe out so they could run the bar and make some money, but it turned out it was a SALON so he dressed up as a woman so that the townsfolk would let him do their hair??? Seems inappropriate.
  10. We got a new guidance counselor when I was in 4th or 5th grade and her name was Sister Derita (we were NOT allowed to call her Sister Dorito. So. Of course we did) and she was the least approachable guidance counselor ever.
    She made us watch the music video for this song and we all laughed so hard that she actually screamed at us and another teacher came in to make sure we were okay. Lmao. Poor sister Derita 🙃
  11. Having to go to mass once a month and on holy days. My mom would usually come and sing bc she worked close to the school.
  12. Having to go over for reconciliation and they'd make the whole school go to confession so we'd bring books and be spaced out in the pews so we couldn't talk to each other.
  13. Being so FREAKED OUT about confession and honestly thinking I was going to hell for every little thing I did wrong.
  14. I had 30 people in my grade. One class. From kindergarten to eighth grade. And I'm not even friends with any of those people anymore...most of us went to the same high school, but you realize that you spent so much time together bc you had to, not bc you wanted to.
  15. Being one of 5 people to get a scholarship to my high school. Feeling like anything was possible when I left for a class of 400.
  16. Not knowing how to dress myself until college because I hardly ever had to think about what I wanted to wear.
  17. Abstinence only sex education.
  18. No makeup or nail polish or jewelry.
  19. Never taking a school bus bc that wasn't an option. I think it's always assumed that people who go to private school are rich, but my parents pushed themselves to be able to pay for three kids to go through 13 years each of Catholic school.
    I appreciate the education but I feel bad that they were in such bad financial times for awhile. And I didn't even know until I look at how they live now.
  20. Not being Catholic.
    The expected outcome of Catholic school. You learn everything there is to learn about the religion, and then you realize...this isn't for me.
  21. Knee socks