1. I'm in a train station looking into the eyes of my first love, who is telling me he loves me for the last time in person. I cannot respond with anything but tears. I board a train, then a plane, then another plane and I don't stop crying until I touch American soil and see my entire family waiting for me.
  2. I am 16 and staying in Florida with my best friend. We sneak into the kitchen after midnight and pour the tiniest shots of vodka, so little that no one could possibly notice. We chase them with carrots because there's nothing else. We giggle on the floor and try to get the taste of gross liquor out of our naive mouths.
  3. We are in the kitchen in the restaurant where we work after closing. All of the lights are out and we're waiting to meet friends. He pulls me up onto the metal counter and kisses me, his familiar beard too soft to scratch my face. He treats me like he'll never meet anyone else who makes him feel this way; even in this moment I know it can't be true
  4. I have just graduated high school and my brother is driving the car. He takes the wrong exit in the roundabout so he can finish the cigarettes my mother doesn't know he smokes. He tells me that the rumors from years ago are true—he likes, and dates, men. I am overwhelmed by a sensation I did not expect. It is pride. My brother trusts me.