@online joined the app and you MUST follow her. She's beautiful and talented and the love of my life.
  1. When I was a freshman in high school, I met Laurel Ann for the first time when she was wearing a fairy costume and talking VERY loudly (this is a thing about her that I now love).
  2. At the time, I thought nope 😒🙅 this girl is annoying.
  3. But we were both in the fall play and we were the only two freshmen at one of the cast parties, so we bonded out of necessity.
  4. And then we fell for the same older, manipulative guy who would torment our lives for the next four-nine years, depending on how you look at it.
  5. We became best friends because of this.
  6. We did band and theater together
  7. We went to Greece together
  8. We went through a terrible period of thinking we were hip/edgy when we were 15
  9. I took her to her first concert 💕 Rufus Wainwright for my birthday!
  10. We went to the wizarding world of Harry Potter together! Twice!!
  11. We survived a fire alarm at senior prom
  12. We graduated together
    And her hat looks so much better than mine wtF
  13. We went to Florida again and went to Disney world by ourselves bc we're ADULTS
  14. She went to Penn State and I visited her there
  15. And she visited me at Towson
  16. We've slept with the same guy
    (No picture)
  17. We went to a music festival together ❤️
    And had matching temporary truck tattoos
  18. She came to my 21st bday shindig
    In which two of my friends made me a baja blast cake!!
  19. We moved to Prague together
  20. She was half of my couples costume on Halloween
    Peep that choker I'm wearing, oh my
  21. We went to Berlin for half a day
  22. She's the other (and beautiful) half of one of the best pics ever
  23. Here's a v shitty picture we took when we were high in a club mere HOURS before I had to board a plane home
  24. She's helped me through heartbreak and I've seen her through the same. She was the first girl I ever kissed 😘 We have been friends for over 8 years now and I can't imagine life without her.
  25. We got wine drunk once and watched the entirety of When Harry Met Sally twice in a row. All the way through. No talking, just watching.
  26. I left Prague and she's still there, but it's nice because I know most of the people she's talking about when she catches me up on her life.
  27. I've been raving about this app for MONTHS and she finally got a device she can use for it so PLEASE follow @online
  28. 💕