Yes I'm doing one of the suggested lists bc I have no IdEaS. Oldest to newest!!
  1. Junior year of high school I think?? My hair is absurd
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  2. I didn't know how to do shots yet and this 5 HR energy killed me
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  3. Hi I was drum major of my HS marching band 🤓
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  4. Idk???
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  5. My general outlook on high school
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  6. Nice, France ✈️💕
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  7. Uhhh my friends let me dye my hair bright ass red wtf
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  8. Me n my bro
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  9. Clockwork orange Halloween in college
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  10. I ❤️ gin and I spent Valentine's Day alone with a bottle last year lmao
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  11. My mom said it looks like I'm about to pee myself in this one 😎
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