charli xcx is my hero
  1. Michael Cera playing with a kitten
  2. John Boyega eating spaghetti
  3. Shemar Moore using a typewriter
  4. Sufjan Stevens crocheting
  5. Matthew Gray Gubler doing a puzzle
  6. Rami Malek playing connect 4
  7. John Gallagher Jr eating cake
  8. Aziz Ansari just making that 😃 face
  9. Donald Glover juggling
  10. Chance the Rapper roller skating
  11. Jon Hamm combing his hair
  12. Tom Hardy with his dog
  13. Rory Culkin smoking weed
  14. Chris Meloni hitting a punching bag
  15. Pete Davidson painting a portrait
  16. Andre 3000 hanging out with some borzois