1. mascara, blood, ash, and come on the Rorschach sheets where we make love
  2. you've got your father's scorn and a wayward aunt's schizophrenia
    2accurate tbh
  3. I would like to abuse my lungs. smoke everything inside with every girl I've ever loved
  4. oh, pour me another drink and punch me in the face
  5. Jesus Christ, girl, what are people gonna think?
    there's much more to this lyric, but this is me
  6. you came. I think.
    men 😒
  7. I'm writing a novel 'cause it's never been done before
  8. when it's my time to go, gonna leave behind things that won't decompose
    I am scared of being insignificant AYYY
  9. I was terrified by the look in your eyes, but there's a lot to love that I don't know
  10. I got hung up on religion though I know it's a waste
    actually SO on brand
  11. I wanna take you in the kitchen, lift up your wedding dress someone was probably murdered in
    surprised someone hasn't said this to me yet
  12. will you take my last name?
    me to whoever I marry bc who doesn't want "anguish" as their last name???
  13. oh, I just love the kind of woman who can walk over a man
  14. I obliged later on when you begged me to choke ya
    you gotta 👀
  15. I may act like a lunatic. if you think I'm fuckin crazy, you're mistaken
    actually I prob am
  16. yeah, I'm a decent person, a little aimless
  17. wouldn't I make the ideal husband?
  18. I was young, I dreamt of a passionate obligation to a roommate
    my idea of love tbh
  19. satirical news, free energy, mobile lifestyle, loveless sex, independence, happiness
    these are a few of my favorite things 🎶
  20. buying coffee and cigarettes, firewood and bad wine long since gone
    all my normal purchases
  21. let's buy a plantation house and let the yard grow wild until we don't need the signs that say "keep out"