Okay so I had heart surgery in August of 2013 and then I was bored af SO I joined okcupid and I've been on and off the site ever since. It's a fuckin TRIP
  1. The marching band geek
    He seemed p cool when we talked, but then I found out he was president of the band fraternity at his college and that's TOO MUCH. He was working at a festival I went to and I saw him in his booth and ran/blocked him on the app. I'm the worst.
  2. Jeff
    I remember this guy's name bc he was SUCH a Jeff. We went to a diner and he told me to do molly and then he convinced me to invite him to my place to watch a movie but he just started kissing my face aggressively so I kicked him out.
  3. Grad school nerd
    Very clearly on the hunt for a gf. I didn't text him back one night and the next week he was in a relationship on Facebook lol
  4. Alex
    Omg sweetest boy alive. He fell for me immediately and told me I was his muse and sent me all these poems he wrote about me. We broke it off when I told him I didn't like him enough and then when he came back for spring break we fucked and I felt so bad for leading him on again that I told him I couldn't talk to him anymore. I think about him pretty often. I hope he's okay.
  5. Brian
    The first guy I ever talked to on Okc but I didn't meet him for two years. Best sex of my life. He lived 1.5 hours from me at school but I drove to see him like once a month bc I'm 🎶addicted and I just can't get enough🎶
  6. I'm sure there have been more but I must have blocked them out??? Pls tell me if this list is too boring lol