Requested by Grace


May have tweaked this a lil bit. LOVE YOU YUNG GRACE 😘
  1. 10.
    Not the best. Trying to show off my hat but really just accentuates how huge my glasses are 🤓
  2. 9.
    Drunk at the only football game I ever went to not in marching band. Really very drunk 🍻
  3. 8.
    Showing off some Mickey D's coffee ☕️
  4. 7.
    I used to have blue hair
  5. 6.
    Cat tail prop!!
  6. 5.
    I am this emoji 👻
  7. 4.
    Drunk with two of my faves at the end of college!! 🤑
  8. 3.
    NYE 2015 this is so hilarious to me
  9. 2.
    My go-to selfie face actually. Second to last night in Prague looking ~majestic
    also lowkey perfect brows right here??
  10. 1.
    Thank god for snapchat filters tbh