I went to see a counselor today and she told me to make a short list of goals for the 6 week publishing program I'm doing so that this doesn't feel like a waste of time and money, whether a job comes out of it or not. Here are some questions I want to answer by mid June.
  1. Do I actually want to live in New York City for a while, or is 6 weeks enough?
    If yes, what neighborhood?
  2. What type of publishing am I most interested in/best at?
    I think it's book publishing, but I have no experience with any other branches.
  3. Am I capable of networking, making connections with important people as well as peers, discerning which people I'll want to keep in my life after this program?
    "Because they're there" is not the best reason to make a friend. It's a start, but not the only criteria.
  4. If I'm planning to stay in NY, can I handle long distance?
    Wtf I have a boyfriend. Life is weird.