1. Okay so everyone knows 2016 has been the shittiest year. But y'all, my faith has just been restored.
  2. On Tuesday morning, my mom left to go to the train station at 5 AM, as she does every morning to get to work. She pulled out of our neighborhood and realized the dashboard light was on that indicates the trunk is open.
  3. She pulled over at the top of a huge hill and climbed out of the car only to step right on a patch of black ice and slam down on the pavement. Her head and hands were bleeding and as she struggled to get up, the car started rolling down the hill.
  4. She went chasing after it, falling again hard on her knees, and the car slammed into a curb and stopped. The tire was shattered, but the car was fine otherwise. She felt bad and had what she calls "goose eggs" on her head and knees, but was okay.
  5. Yesterday she woke up feeling like shit. She had a black eye and she actually looks like someone decked her in the face. It looks bad. She can hardly move her right arm and her left leg is swollen to twice the size of her right.
  6. I feel terrible. We're having both sides of the family over for Christmas and now she shouldn't be getting everything ready. I want to help, but I work two jobs!! Today I had a fifteen hour day, and tomorrow and the next day I have two 8 hour days.
  7. So as I was telling my manager at the bookstore about this, she sent her condolences and told me to send my mom to the doctor (which I really should, but she insists she's okay).
  8. About a half hour later, that manager left and sent another to inform me that she decided I could go home at 10 tonight instead of midnight and that they had enough people scheduled on Christmas Eve so I don't have to come in.
  9. Guys. I fucking started sobbing. THAT IS THE NICEST THING EVER.
  10. It's the busiest time of year by a long shot, and they're willing to stretch to make it without me so I can stay home and make up the beds for our guests and help cook the turducken (I know 🙄).
  11. But seriously, I'm overflowing with happiness right now. And I have to go to bed bc I have work at 9 tomorrow, but I am so grateful.
  12. Happy holidays, y'all. Please call on me if you need a friend right now. I know it's been a tough year for everybody and the holidays are getting rough right now, but I suddenly have a little free time!! I'm here, really.
  13. Love ya 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝