Requested by @lesbian
I hate you. This list isn't very On Brand™ but here we go.
  1. I had period sex for the first time last night and LOOK WHO'S MAGICALLY BACK ON THE APP TO REQUEST A LIST ABOUT IT
  2. Anyway
  3. HIGHS: extra lubrication
    Are you grossed out already, dear reader??
  4. It's kind of...intimate. Like more intimate than normal sex bc you're really trusting the other person
  5. It's also totally normal! Bc exchanging bodily fluid is already pretty guaranteed during sex, so adding a bit more isn't ridiculous.
  6. (Also I had a greeeeeat experience 👍👍)
  7. LOWS: I did laundry yesterday but had to wash my sheets again today
  8. That's literally it. I was just annoyed about doing laundry.
  9. K people who have sex, pls use protection and get std tested! I love y'all!!!