This might just be a hate list against Facebook, but I'm RILED UP
  1. A girl who was in marching band at my university posted this on fb earlier
  2. This is the post she shared. This guy's comments are bad enough. You don't need to see how disgusting and hurtful the actual article is.
    But as you can probably tell from the way "transgenders" is in quotation marks, there's a lot of doubt from the author about whether trans people exist. It's really gross. Really.
  3. I saw it originally with some comments from a girl who was in my section in band. She was saying very important things about the fact that the girl who posted this, named Cheryl, has many friends in the LGBT community.
    Just statistically, people in the music department are more likely to be LGBT, but also this girl KNOWS Cheryl's friends.
  4. And Cheryl deleted the comments. Which made me REALLY ANGRY. Bc posting something on fb that you know is controversial, and saying "I know I'll lose friends over this," is kind of opening yourself up to some discussion here.
  5. So why cut off discussion before it even starts?
  6. I responded. I tried to be as respectful as possible, but I was kind of seething as I wrote this.
  7. I'm sure you can anticipate what happened next—she deleted my comment and unfriended me. Even though all I asked was that she think about what she's saying.
    Now, granted, I told her she wasn't empathetic or compassionate. Not many people would take kindly to that. But to not respond at all? To silence me?
  8. I just don't understand why you want to post a strongly worded status like this and then want everyone to agree or disappear. That's not how the world works? This carefully curated experience you've made for yourself can only exist on social media.
    And often not even there.
  9. So I posted a status, even though I know she can't see it.
  10. I don't think I'm better than other people. I know I come from a place in the world that grants me a ton of privilege, especially as a white person in an upper middle class home.
  11. I have a lot to work on. I have to make an effort to read stories from and talk with POC. I need to listen to my friends, neighbors, and coworkers who come from different backgrounds than I do
  12. And it's HARD. FUCKIN. WORK. But people like me don't get killed because of their skin color or gender identity or sexual orientation.
  13. SO BASICALLY this has just been me ranting bc I can't handle this shit anymore, which makes me think about how unbelievably tired people who are oppressed must feel. I'm sorry that you may feel the need to educate people who don't want to listen. I'm sorry that any of this shit even happens.
    And I know my apologies aren't helping anything, but I'm trying. And sometimes I fuck up, but I'm trying.
  14. What I want to say through this list is not "hey look, Kim is such a compassionate person! Look at her trying to unlearn harmful stereotypes!!" Bc no, gross, I don't want to be like that
  15. I want to say: if you surround yourself only with people who look like you and experience the same things as you and have the same views as you, how are you growing? How are you going to avoid becoming like this girl sharing homophobic and transphobic views on Facebook?
    Because if you only see your point of view, you can't learn.
  16. This is probably very repetitive and rant-y, but I'm posting it bc I'm tired. And I'm upset with the world. And I need people who are more open to this kind of thing to hear me.
  17. (Also obviously pls let me know if any of this is wrong/harmful/offensive. I'm not here for offending someone. Especially right now.)