Inspired by @shanaz and I'm like 15 hours late but let's GO
  1. What's your definition of "trashy television?"
    TLC shit like toddlers in tiaras. Also anything where they're just following a family around–Kardashians, Jon and Kate plus 8. I've never seen any of these shows, idk what I'm talking about
  2. Ben Carson, Donald Trump, etc. Thoughts?
    Shoot me in the face if either of them get elected. This country is dead and gone.
  3. What's your favorite movie?
    Most difficult question. Movie that means a lot to me: Beginners. Movie I've seen over 100 times: The Dark Knight
  4. Pro-life or Pro-Choice?
    Pro choice
  5. Picking your nose in the car...Where do you wipe the boogie?
    This is why I have 5 million napkins in my glove compartment. Oh and also bc I spill drinks in my car ALL THE TIME
  6. Do you love animals but hate kids?
    I like other people's kids? But I don't want any of my own.
  7. Do you love kids but hate animals?
    I love animals. Everybody, let me meet your pets PLS
  8. Sex and the City...Thoughts?
    My best friend while I was in England made me watch the first 2.5 seasons with her and I was addicted. My biggest complaint is that Carrie ends up with Big. Couldn't she have just been a strong single woman? In fact they all end up with men. Where's the character growth???
  9. What's your music guilty pleasure? Be honest!
    One direction, I guess? I don't listen to them a lot but sometimes I gotta jam
  10. Are you down for a theme or costume party?
  11. Do you like to read? Books.
    It's what I'm trying to do with my life!! Currently editing a manuscript that will hopefully be a real book in a few months!
  12. We're at the beach and you have to pee really bad. Hold it or just pee in the ocean?
    I'm not gonna make it to a bathroom if I have to get out, dry myself off, put on some shoes, and walk to the boardwalk.
  13. Are you the type of person that always notices other people giving you dirty looks?
    Yes I really am. I am SO aware of how other people are reacting to me. It's a problem 🙈
  14. Are you a slow mover/walker?
    NO and I get rly pissy about people who are. Sorry.
  15. Sex on the beach. Yummy drink, sexual fantasy or disgusting either way?
    The drink is fine. I don't think I'd order it over something else, but it's a cruise drink so I've had it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. Do you mind sleeping on the floor, couch, etc. or do you NEED to be sleeping on a bed at all times?
    Oh god, idc. I'll sleep wherever someone will let me tbh. Thanks to whoever is letting me stay with them!!
  17. Do you want to be my friend?
    I'm trying here. YES OF COURSE. 💕