1. I have an appointment with a counselor on Monday!! She is a cardiovascular counselor and was recommended by my cardiologist during my annual checkup bc he was worried about my mental health
    But she's just a psychologist who specializes in patients with heart problems which is CHILL
  2. I have a boyfriend!!!
    And it's been 6 weeks and it's only two weeks until I move to New York, but he's gonna come visit me and I'm pumped
  3. I'm more than halfway through my ten hour shift today! Woo!!
  4. @anniewatson bought me a baja blast bc she loves me and she's my favorite!!
  5. @lesbian emailed @list to tell them to make me a recommended user and they're not gonna do that, but it was V NICE OF HER
  6. Chance released his third mixed tape and it's INCREDIBLE!!!
    Coloring Book. Look it up on Apple Music or the Internet. Idk it's glorious
  7. I got my hair cut last week and here's a pic
    Idk why I look like that but oh well, look at my lil hair!
  8. Look at all these baja blasts I have at home!!
  9. Bless you all