1. I eat Taco Bell far too often
    Cheesy gordita crunch with a Doritos cool ranch shell, cheesy fiesta potatoes, a cheesy roll up if I'm feelin extra feisty, and a medium baja blast
  2. I watch the same movies and tv shows over and over again
    The Dark Knight, Fight Club, Heathers, Gilmore Girls, The Office, It's Always Sunny....
  3. I was killing a bottle of red wine by myself at least once a week for the months of November and December
  4. I use abbreviations in speech
    Tee bee aych and oh em gee and el oh el
  5. I check all of my social media apps on my phone before I get out of bed in the morning and before I go to sleep at night
    Plus during the day 😩
  6. I have a hierarchy of social media apps and always check them in a certain order
  7. I have to read every single tweet on my feed. I cannot miss any.
  8. I talk to guys on tinder or Okc until they want to meet up and then stop replying
  9. I got over 3000 notes on a poem I wrote on tumblr once and I told probably everyone I know?!
  10. I care far too much about what other people think of me
  11. I go to the same bar with the same three people every week and order the same drink
    Bc I don't like CHANGE
  12. I own a phone case shaped like fries
  13. One time I met a guy through Twitter and we went out for drinks and ended up having sex in his car, parked under the streetlight in front of my house at 2 AM
  14. If I've heard about something, I pretend I know what it is to seem more knowledgable and relevant
  15. I don't tweet about the list app bc I don't want people I know from the real world to get it
  16. I love memes, but only the ironic ones that become iterated into other memes
  17. When I don't like things that are popular, I don't like to say it bc I don't want people to think I don't like it BECAUSE it's popular
    Taylor Swift, Star Wars, the kardashians
  18. I have $22 in my bank account!!!!!