Inspired by @ShawnKelly @soph etc
  1. because my parents never gave me "the talk"
  2. because I was raised catholic and meant to feel guilty for all of my emotions and impulses
  3. because I found out at 19 that I'd been born with a hole in my heart
  4. because I had open heart surgery and went back to school less than a month later like an idiot
  5. because my brother and sister are so cool
  6. because I got yelled at as a child for crying too much
  7. because I've never had a relationship that lasted longer than 3 months
  8. because my first crush, Tyler, kissed Amanda in the coat closet and didn't like me like that
  9. because my mom doesn't believe in birth control and wouldn't let me go to the gynecologist until I was 21
  10. because I've watched Willy Wonka and The Dark Knight over 100 times each
  11. because I've always been too shy and now that I can finally speak up for myself, I'm made to feel bad for talking about my accomplishments
  12. because I saw Kanye on the yeezus tour and we got to move to the floor and it rained dollar bills
  13. because I found the right music at the right time in my life
  14. because my friends are amazing
  15. because Taco Bell