YESSSSS Thank you @nathanveshecco !! This is one of my favorite topics.
  1. So the best thing about Rufus is that his music spans the generations. The first concert I attended of his was at Longwood Gardens and the attendees were a BUNCH of old people.
    Side note: this performance was recorded so the openers and Rufus redid or restarted some songs, which was so weird!
  2. However, my mom hates him. I can't stand it! She thinks his voice is "too nasally" but honestly his range is amazing and his piano skills are 👌
  3. Okay so he's Canadian-American (born in NY, raised in Montreal) and the son of Louden Wainwright III, who is a songwriter and folk singer. He's on NPR a lot. V cool.
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    Babies 😍
  4. And his mom was Kate McGarrigle who was a folk singer-songwriter. She died in 2010 and it really affected Rufus. He's been vocal about his grief.
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  5. He struggled with an addiction to crystal meth, but went to rehab and poured himself into his music.
  6. He is gay and married with a beautiful daughter courtesy of Leonard Coen's daughter.
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    They look so nice ☺️
  7. The first song I ever loved of his is called The Art Teacher. It's from the perspective of a woman looking back on her first love. It's beautiful.
    Here's his tiny desk performance 😍
  8. (Also fun fact: I tried to get my art teacher in high school to listen to that song and he was really weird about it. I figured out later that he probably thought I was trying to confess my love for him...sorry to Mrs. Beste!)
  9. If you'd like something you'll recognize, try his covers of Hallelujah or Across the Universe, both slow and lovely
  10. My favorite Christmas song
  11. Oh What a World uses an interpretation of Boléro, which is just beautiful
  12. If you like Jeff Buckley, listen to Memphis Skyline, Rufus's tribute to him (sorry about this weird subtitled version)
  13. I recommend Poses or Want Two as the first albums you should listen to.
  14. And then Want One and Songs for Lulu, if you've liked them.
  15. But also the entirety of the NPR tiny desk concert, because that's my favorite way to see an artist.
  16. I could talk about Rufus all day. But I won't because probably only Nathan will care. HOWEVER if you ever want to talk about him I'M HERE.