"As I recall, I know you love to show off, but I never thought that you would take it this far." -Nathan once I succeeded in this bet 😎
  1. I just spent two hours (more or less) researching on my computer, but not for work like I probably should've been!
  2. The one and only @nathanveshecco bet me that I couldn't find his hip hop group that is (apparently) hidden deep in the web. The prize for succeeding before 5pm–getting to post a list about it ☺️
    The proof
  3. Now I assume this is as some repentance for revealing my white rapper past (that I dated one, not that I am one lolz I SLEPT WITH THE MILK MAN) and boy, was I excited.
  4. So into the internet I dove. Started with soundcloud, bandcamp, Facebook. I found like every person Nathan has done music with. He doesn't have a fb, but a lot of people post about his music which is so nice btw.
  5. Okay so petition to get Nathan back on Facebook, I guess
    Idk who these people are, I'm so sorry
  6. There was a moment of excitement!! And then immediate disappointment when I found this tweet from 2011 with NO LINK
  7. Nathan started to get nervous
    Nervous tweeting
  8. Found a pic from some sort of "fake band" he was in
    I wish bears were fair too
  9. Also found a different white rapper named Nasty Nate that Nathan knows but that doesn't hELP ME
  10. But at the beginning of my Facebook stalking I found a person who is friends with Nathan and refers to him as his brother (but is not). So I did the creepiest thing, of course–found and stalked his Twitter.
  11. And the PAYOFF
  12. A tweet with this picture and a s/o to two other people and Nathan's old Twitter handle, @vesheccrumbs (weird btw)
  13. So, I go to google and type in "sinematic playaz"
  14. I have never been grateful for MySpace before today
  15. Here they are!!! S!NEMATIC PLAYAZ
    Lil Nathan on the left OMG
  16. Without further ado, click here and fill your earholes with the beautiful hip hop bars of Nathan Veshecco https://myspace.com/sinematicplayaz/music/songs
  17. I suggest Sinema15 ☺️
  18. Also thanks for letting me do this, Nathan. It was SO MUCH FUN. And also I'm very impressed with myself.
  19. Okay hire me to be your private investigator.