1. The IKEA scene in 500 Days of Summer
    Okay we weren't as obnoxious but we were in Prague and hanging out in the display rooms like they were ours bc we had nothing in our new flat and we were so happy but tired and we had to lug all of our purchases onto a bus, on a metro, up a HILL.
  2. The movie watching scene in When Harry Met Sally
    Many, many a night in college was spent pushing play on a movie at the same time from our respective schools. So fuckin CUTE. But we watched mostly horror movies.
  3. Adam Sandler being over dramatic in The Wedding Singer
    I mean, karaoke.
  4. Ukulele playing in Blue Valentine
    Well this has never happened, but we have played uke to each other ok
  5. Our Jimmy Stewart impressions are...not good
  6. Static
    Just kidding