Requested by Emily


  1. My friend EMILY joined the list app and I'm v happy. Pls follow her she's fuckin hilarious
  2. This is our first pic together during marching band freshman year of college 💕
  3. This is all we know how to do with our faces
  4. So young 😩
  5. Emily what the hell is this
  6. Hot
  7. The nicest picture of us tbh
  8. Pep band selfie
  9. The hottest we've ever been 🔥
  10. The whitest and most serious we've ever been
  11. Underage drinking selfie
    Feat. NathaNigel
  12. Hot outside selfie
  13. Senior year after class drinking selfie
  14. Last day of classes celebrating selfie 🎉
  15. I'm drunk in this photo taken on an iPhone 4 selfie
  16. I got in trouble for hanging out with you selfie
  17. My 22nd bday selfie 🎉🍰🍻
  18. Okay anyway I love Emily FOLLOW HER @lamesauce