1. when you watch a sunset
  2. when you find a pet that's been missing for days
  3. when you never find a lost pet
  4. seeing a friend after months apart
  5. waiting for a friend at a coffee shop and having a cup by yourself before they get there because they're running late
  6. half-conscious thoughts just before falling asleep
  7. when you finish a chapter in a book and realize you had forgotten where you were
  8. coming home to your parents' house when you have your own home now
  9. hearing a song you love but haven't heard in years
  10. someone playing you their favorite song for the first time
  11. running into the metro car just before the doors close
  12. when the person in front of you pays for your coffee
  13. when the person in front of you realizes they forgot their credit card but you have a meal plan so you buy their food for them and they hug you
  14. playing the treble line of a song on the piano as your sister plays the bass
  15. remembering someone who died and realizing that you forgot about them for a while
  16. kissing someone for the first time
  17. kissing someone for the last time
  18. crying on public transport
  19. laughing with your best friend on public transport and not caring that people are staring
  20. when you cry for the first time in a long time
  21. when you cry all the time
  22. when your pet can tell something is wrong and they give you extra attention
  23. waking up to a fresh snowfall you didn't expect
  24. when you're a lil drunk and you realize you have the best friends in the world
  25. after you've just talked to or hung out with someone you really like and you're smiling like a goon and you just can't stop