A friend just asked about something that happened during this summer, and it occurred to me that this was probably the craziest summer of my life. (Unedited and unpredictable THIS IS LIFE W/O DRAFTS)
  1. Firefly music festival. We were dirty for four days and we were drunk or high for most of that time too. I slept with a Canadian 10 years my senior in his two person tent. I saw Chance and Childish and I danced harder than I've ever danced.
  2. Boyfriend. Though we never used that term, we dated for three months, worked together every day, and hung out at nights. We both lived with our parents. We always had to get up for work at 6 am the next day. We'd always known the relationship was coming, but never let it reach its full potential.
  3. Waitstaff parties. The kind I never went to in high school, when you're supposed to lie about where you're going and get drunk in someone's backyard. Bags of wine hanging from tree branches, jungle juice full of boozy fruit, cigarettes in the sticky heat.
  4. Drinking and driving. We'd leave work at 3, drive to the convenience store to buy liquor and soda, then drive around drinking and smoking and talking shit. Even though I never drove, I should've put my foot down. What a stupid thing to do.
    You've been sober for two years now. I'm proud of you even if you won't talk to me.
  5. Best friend. Driving to her cabin to be with her when she needed me. Telling my mom I was staying at her cabin when I was going to see my boy. Feeling closer to her than I ever had, yet also like we'd known each other forever. Knowing and loving her family. Wanting to be a better friend by watching her.
  6. Turning 21. Making my guy's best friend promise to have sex with me one day. Running through the college town in a crop top, too many shots in me. Not having to go to the high school style parties anymore. Leaving work and going to a bar on the water where we could drink legally and watch the boats. Feeling the end of something but not knowing what