Has this been done before?
  1. Holding a fish
  2. Confederate flag
  3. Group shot
  4. No pics alone
  5. Married couple
  6. No bio
    Unless they're like...really hot. Then I forgive this one.
  7. Went to my high school but it wouldn't be funny to match and laugh about it
  8. Someone I already talked to on okcupid
  9. No pics without a hat
    Probably bald
  10. Dreadlocks
    On a white person, of course
  11. Gym shots
  12. Really bad selfies
    I'm sorry, but we can't date if you can't learn your angles
  13. Bio includes "KCCO" or "be my tinderella" or "it's going down, I'm yelling tinder" or "we can lie about where we met"