Inspired by @ListPrompts. This is the hardest list to write ever???
  1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Can watch over and over and over again and it still makes me happy
  2. Clue
    Tim Curry and Madeline Kahn are perfection
  3. The Dark Knight
    My most watched movie of all time. It's definitely not the best film ever made, but it's SO watchable. Plus Heath ❤️
  4. Whiplash
    Miles Teller could murder me and I'd be okay with it
  5. Fight Club
    So predictable but I've watched this movie like 100 times and it takes place in the state of my birth (delaWHERE)
  6. Pulp Fiction
    Another classic
  7. Beginners
    I'm crying just thinking about it
  8. Annie Hall
    Okay I hate myself for putting this on here too but I just LOVE this movie. Fuck Woody Allen tho.
  9. Her
    Sophia, you've done it. Beautifully shot, fantastic coloring, PLUS THE EEEEMOTIONS
  10. Goodfellas
    Too good
  11. When Harry Met Sally
    I will never get over this movie. Nora Ephron is a genius.
  12. Fargo
    Ohhhhh jeeeeeez
  13. Frances Ha
    Really makes me feel validated as a person
  14. Scream
    This is half a joke and half completely serious. I've watched this movie probably 10 times just in 2015. Brilliant.
  15. The Room
    This one actually is a joke I'm sorry