I've had a ~bit~ of alcohol sorry
  1. Motherfucker
  2. I Say I'm in Love When I Mean I'm Happy
  3. You're Cute and I Hate You
  4. Fucking in a Tent (at a Music Festival)
  5. I Hit the Glass with my Elbow But It Didn't Fall Over
  6. I'm Not as Innocent as My Glasses Would Suggest
    (there's a lot of screaming in this one)
  7. Ex-Catholic Schoolgirl Blues
  8. Saying Your Own Name in Bed
    (I dated a guy named Kym 🙃)
  9. Crying on Public Transport
  10. Harmonize with Me
  11. Oh, Where Did My Money Go?
  12. White Girl Rapping
  13. 22.5 and Somewhat Alive