1. First grade. Black tally (the worst offense) for "snorting like a pig"
  2. Fifth grade. Automatic detention/call to parents for forging my mom's signature
  3. Seventh grade. Computer privileges revoked when the computer teacher found my myspace
  4. Freshman, sophomore, and junior years. Phone taken away for texting in class, returned at the end of the day with a demerit wrapped around it
  5. Sophomore year. Demerit, yelled at until I cried for chewing gum during chorus
  6. Senior year. Thorough investigation into mine and @online's whereabouts during a class period we thought we could get away with skipping
    A teacher I didn't really know vouched for me even though he couldn't confirm that I was in the library (bc I wasn't). P sure we still got demerits though
  7. Freshman year of college. Missed my final exam for African American literature and sobbed in her office. She only took off half a letter grade.
  8. 19 years old, semester before England. Missed a ton of classes bc there was something wrong with my heart. Everybody was v understanding, except one professor who wanted a doctors note every damn time
  9. 19 years old, England. My room was inspected while I was at class and the guy I was fucking was still sleeping in my bed. They found a cup of ash on my windowsill and I had to redo the inspection.
    But I passed the second time, so no real consequences
  10. 20 years old, the semester after my heart surgery. SO neglectful of my studies. Missed classes and marching band practices and used the surgery as an excuse
    It worked though, for the most part. I WAS healing slowly and shouldn't have been back yet
  11. 21 years old, final semester. I'm pretty sure my professor saw me going to the bar on campus when I should've been going to his class, but he just made fun of me the next time I saw him 💯