Part 2, inspired by What I Will and Won't Miss by Nora Ephron (Thank you @LISTSOFNOTE again!)
  1. Drinking a whole bottle of wine and watching When Harry Met Sally twice in a row with my best friend
  2. Pizza
  3. A fresh pot of coffee in the morning
  4. My family
  5. Driving on the first day of the year when it truly feels like spring
    Windows down, music up, you know the drill
  6. Drinking a huge glass of water
  7. Laughing
  8. Kissing
  9. Cuddling
    With someone I love or with my adorable dog
  10. Taco Bell runs with my favorite people
  11. Finishing a really good book that inspires me to sit down and keep writing
  12. Hugging my mom
  13. Wine
  14. The feeling of being well-rested
  15. The feeling after a productive day
  16. Looking in the mirror and not criticizing what I see
  17. Falling in love
  18. Meeting a puppy
  19. Making someone smile
  20. Making someone who is crying smile
  21. Comforting a friend without being overbearing
  22. Buying the perfect gift for someone I love
  23. Being so comfortable with another person that neither has to speak
  24. Being proud of something I've accomplished
    A poem, job, reaction, or otherwise
  25. Netflix
  26. Christmas
  27. Gin
  28. Making my parents proud
  29. Father John Misty