1. A bath bomb so I could take a nice bath in our big ass jacuzzi tub
    My last bomb, from January 😩
  2. Some fruit bc I feel like SHIT after eating a makeshift McGriddle at work this morning
  3. A big iced coffee
  4. Five more hours of sleep
  5. Motivation to finish my application to the summer program I want to get into before the deadline passes
    Someone really needs to punch me in the face for this one 🙃
  6. My period
    I know I'm not pregnant, but like...where is it?? When will it return from war????
  7. Another season of the great British bake off on Netflix
    They only have one season!! Miss you Martha 💕
  8. Writing ability
    When was the last time I wrote? Why can't I motivate myself?? What is wrong with me???
  9. A hug