I think this is inspired by someone, but I'm not sure who!!
  1. Plaid skirts and polos. Tights that I STILL wear five years out of high school 🙈
  2. And also sweaters in the winter
  3. Bows in our hair
  4. Wearing like solely neon outside of school
  5. Going to Greece and buying cigarettes and chocolate milk....
    For the Rufus reference 🙃
  6. Straightening my hair bc it's the only way I thought it looked good
    This is my brother. He's like 18 here lol. 2009 🙈
  7. Straight across bangs that grew out SO quickly and I had to straighten every morning
  8. Having a flip phone
  9. Writing in this notebook during class and passing it to Laurel Ann every day ❤️
  10. Having matching gryffindor backpacks with Laurel Ann
    I'm a Ravenclaw...?
  11. Getting my first pair of glasses and drinking so much Arizona iced tea
  12. Being drum major of the marching band
  13. Being in chorus and concert choir
  14. Being in theater
  15. Being in theater with Laurel Ann 💕
    Model status
  16. Being a virgin who never drank or did any drugs
    ...but enjoyed high school, kind of?? It was a weird time.