Inspired by the fact that I've been dating my boy for over 3 weeks now 🙃
  1. I like constant communication
  2. I'm not super into cuddling, but I need physical contact p much all the time.
  3. I'm listening to you talk to me while I'm driving, I just can't NOT sing along
  4. I eat fast food at least once a week. I know, I'm grossed out too.
  5. I want people to know we're together!!!
    I'm probably tweeting about you all the time lol
  6. I go to the same bar every week so I hope you like it!!
  7. I need you to come with me and my friends to this bar. It's important to me.
  8. I am best friends with a 16 year old lesbian from Kentucky and we text/snapchat everyday. Also, she knows everything you say to me, but like it's fine, you'll never meet her probably unless we get married or something. Anyway, she's chill.
    It's @lesbian duh