Part 2? Is this a sequel???
  1. When I was on the floor of the bathroom at my new job, puking uncontrollably even though I shouldn't have been that hungover and then I realized I was actually sick sick, not hungover sick
  2. When I drove home from a really great night with good friends and new friends and jaeger bombs and kings cup
    It felt like college but less aimless somehow
  3. When one of my really good friends and my other friend she was dating broke up
  4. When I drove home from dropping one of my best friends off after hanging out with her all day for her birthday
    I don't know why
  5. When I choked on a carrot while eating lunch today
  6. When a kid in a podcast episode asked his godfather if divorcing his wife broke his heart up into a million little pieces
  7. When I just finished reading Sweetbitter and felt like it was a book about me, but not in a wow-someone-gets-me way, in a goddamn-I'm-so-fucked-up way