1. I got up early, showered, and listened to TLOP to try to motivate me into work mode
    Working at home is so hard for me
  2. After a couple hours of doing pretty much nothing, I got a text from my friend Kelsey that she was skipping her class and coming home
  3. I told her my work struggles, and she said she was coming to kidnap me
  4. We went to kfc/Taco Bell and even though I said I didn't want to be away for more than an hour...we were away for a while
  5. She made me steal a kfc flag
  6. And then we drove to ritas
  7. We had some good talks. We've only become close rather recently, but she's kind of incredible and I'm very happy we're making a stronger friendship
  8. Then I went home and procrastinated even more, but I DID turn something in to my boss today, so that's a fuckin step
    I'm having a huge mental block that I'm struggling to deal with and I haven't reached out to my boss about it even though I really know I should. I think I can handle it but SURPRISE that's not really working. Anyway.
  9. My friend Andrew asked if we could hang out later, so I had dinner and then headed to UD
  10. We chatted in a bar for a long time. He read a poem I wrote yesterday and thought it was too chaotic, but I'm really quite fond of it. Here it is. Idk.
    You don't have to read this, I just think it's kind of cool
  11. So then we walked all around the green on UD's campus and I texted my boy bc he lives nearby to see if he needed anything, bc he currently has strep throat 😔, but he's taking care of himself well
    I'm gonna see him Friday but that will have been a WHOLE WEEK without seeing each other and I'm sad
  12. Then we went up to the reservoir
  13. Which was actually kind of amazing
    The pictures can't do it CLOSE to justice
  14. And we talked about a lot of stuff I needed to talk about. Andrew and I always rant to each other about everything and it's definitely therapeutic
  15. Now I'm home and ready for bed and thinking about how nice it is to have such good people in my life
  16. Also I haven't gotten the update yet so HA