In no particular order
  1. 💟 my sister
    Who has talked me through so much shit in the past week. We don't talk that often bc we're both busy, but she's really stepped up to help me and I love her so much 💖
  2. 💟 @online
    For legit always being there for me. I became kind of unresponsive today bc I was dealing with shit but I assume she still loves me (pls 🙏)
  3. 💟 my job where I get to work at home and create my own hours
    So I can now go to bed and not stress about the mountain of work I didn't finish bc I will make time tomorrow
  4. 💟 @snark
    For always being nice to me even though he says I don't have to thank him for that I DO THANK YOU BYE
  5. 💟 water
    I've had so much water today. I love water.
  6. For texting me about all my problems and telling me I'm the best and she loves me (even though she's the best and I love HER). Also shout out to her siblings, but @transgender I would like you to know that I am NOT always drunk, okay young man??? Don't need this sass 💁
  7. Giphy
    For reaching out to me and making sure I'm okay bc honestly you are the sweetest ever ❤️❤️❤️ ALSO for always showing me lovely French gentlemen. When you come on your American road trip, I expect you to bring some Frenchmen for me to meet
  8. 💟 Burning Love
    Which I am rewatching (not today), but just knowing that I have it to look forward to is comforting. If you haven't seen it, PLEASE DO. It's hilarious and it makes me happy.
  9. 💟 coffee
    For keeping me alive
  10. 💟 HSM
    Listened to all three soundtracks while working tonight and it lifted my mood for a solid hour and a half
  11. 💟 you all
    For always being supportive and nice. I want to hug all of you and kiss you on your faces, if you're into that sort of thing.
  12. This has been @lame, attempting to cheer herself up and somewhat succeeding!!! Goodnight all ✨