1. Shake Shack is the best place in the world
  2. I can get Taco Bell delivered to my door
  3. 💕💖
  4. It's hot
  5. There's a farmers market every week and I LOVE IT
  6. I'm drinking well
  7. My roommates are babes
  8. Our magazine was runner up (which is crazy impressive)
  9. But all we won were hats???
  10. Got v drunk in celebration 🎉
  11. And broke up with my boyfriend, but it was a good idea and I feel very good about it.
  12. This city is beautiful and I love it
  13. I'm going to make some time this weekend to catch up with all of your lists bc I miss you all
  14. Being this busy is CRAZY but I need it.
  15. Have a good weekend 💕💃✨