Requested by @online
Don't bully me, LA
  1. Fingertips touching like so
    Just looking at this pic makes me *brian sella voice* UNCOMFORTABLE
  2. Touching napkins in the morning
    I'm not """afraid""" of this, but it's gross bc my hands are SO dry and so is a paper napkin EW. Also soft touch my ASS
  3. Veins
    In the wrist specifically. Tried to look up a picture for this and had to go in the fetal position
  4. That every decision I've made in life so far was the wrong choice and my life is about to fall apart before my eyes and all I'll be left with is the crushing feeling that I've accomplished nothing and have made no meaningful relationships.
    You know, just girly things~
  5. Ants
    They outnumber me. Idk what they're capable of.