Well, I waited so long that everyone else has said much more eloquent things. But here we go!
  1. Bonding with my mom (and brother and sister) over The Beatles.
    We've seen Paul McCartney live twice. The sing a longs in the car are unreal. We all harmonize BEAUTIFULLY
  2. Finding out how truly moving it was to my dad that I made a playlist of all the songs that remind me of him.
    He keeps asking me how he can get Spotify so he can listen to it whenever he wants to. I had no idea he'd be so into it! (Found here MY DAD )
  3. Being introduced to my brother's favorite artists in the car on the way to and from high school.
    Most of my taste in music until college came from this time period: Rufus, Spoon, Regina, Radiohead, Say Anything, Andrew Bird, Jeff Buckley, Sufjan, the bird and the bee, Cake, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes....
  4. Making my sister a mixed cd and finding out it's all she listened to in the car.
    And when she sold her car, she accidentally left it in the CD player, so she asked me to make her a new one.
  5. Finding new music and sharing it with people.
  6. Going to live shows
    The front bottoms, naturally
  7. The ability a song has to completely change my mood
  8. Loving a song so much that I listen to it on repeat for half an hour
    *cough cough* ultralight beam