I haven't been on here at all bc I'm too busy for life. I miss you guys 😔
  1. I don't care even a little bit about magazines.
    This is the focus of three out of the six weeks.
  2. There was a panel of five industry professionals yesterday and I spent the whole time admiring a (h o t) young man who works for rolling stone.
    Looked exactly like Milo from Atlantis!! cc @lesbian
  3. I can't sit in a chair for five hours without LoSiNg mY MiNd
    My back hurts
  4. I drew a fake Instagram post yesterday. Why.
  5. I've already had a medium iced coffee from Dunkin donuts today and I'm about to go buy another one bc the next session is about BUDGETING and I want to die.
  6. I'm not adult enough to balance these classes with actually cooking my own food at night.
    Hot pockets, hummus and pita chips, and takeout have been my dinners so far
  7. I have like three business professional outfits that need to last me six weeks.
    Everyone else looks so! nice!
  8. I want to die.
    I am so tired. So very very tired.