Requested by @transgender
You are PANDERING, but I will take the bait.
  1. @lesbian's brother, so already cool
  2. Cute as hell and posts bomb selfies. Like you and grace have great genes???
  3. Always makes grace snapchat me a video and it's just him yelling, "LET'S SNAPCHAT KIMMMMM"
  4. Thinks I'm always drunk and that I drink wine bc my lips are always stained purple but like? Dunno where this came from, but I forgive him
    And wine is red, so I appreciate this a little bit. Like no, I am NOT drinking white wine ever
  5. Posted a list dragging Chris K and like come on, we were all thinking it
  6. Also idk how old he is but I was definitely not even like half as cool at that age, I guarantee it
    I mean this list What I Would Wear to the Oscars Red Carpet is just hilarious and THIS list is perfect and I didn't even know this in high school What Doesnt Equal Gender
  7. So what I'm saying is Luke is a perfect angel baby and I'm glad he exists 😇💕
  8. Also look at him
    I'm crying I will never look this ethereal
  9. Also THIS PIC I stole from grace's list bc I'm CRYING !!