This list might make me sound like a total grump, but whatever. Eso si que es.
  1. I'm really bad at it
    I have a very limited idea how to make small talk. I don't know what people want to small talk about, or why people find it worthwhile
  2. Small talk is boring
    More often than not, I prefer zoning out with my own thoughts than making small talk. And I'm sure the thoughts you would be / are having as we small talk are more interesting than the small talk. I know it's raining, and I also hate rain, instead tell me more about how the rain reminds you of your childhood and drinking hot chocolate while your dad read to you in front of the fire. Or how you thought your gold fish could live in the puddle in your driveway.
  3. I feel like a dick when I'm not in the mood to make small talk
    I know people can pick up on the fact that I'm not loving making small talk with them. And then I worry they think I'm super mad at them, and that I'm kind of a dick. When I'm not, I just don't like small talk.