I needed some fucking wins this week and I got some.
  1. A client brought me a latte on Monday morning because he thought I would appreciate it
    We had never met before and will likely never speak again, but he had my caffeine needs in mind.
  2. My second client of the week was basically the black James Bond... Who eats birthday cake in bed and doesn't give a fck
    He was so cool it literally made my week better.
  3. I didn't work on Tuesday because there was no work to be done.
    This is unheard of.
  4. Today, several people offered to buy Christmas gifts for a Middle Eastern client whose family was targeted by a hate crime.
    The presents they had gotten for their kids were stolen, and these 3rd parties, with no connection at all to this family, are going to help replace them.
  5. I remembered that there is love in this world when I was ready to give up.
    It's Wednesday and I don't want to stab myself in the face.