Using "tropes" rather loosely
  1. Woman is in an unhappy relationship with a traditional businessman/certifiable asshole and she falls for the new handsome guy who makes her laugh for the first time in god-knows-how-long
  2. The title includes Love
    Love on the Sidelines, Love in Paradise, Love by Chance, Anything for Love
  3. Dogs
    So many dogs???????? I'm not complaining but? I don't think I've seen that many dogs in real life?? (@bjnovak I'm tagging you in basically everything now)
  4. The roommate makes coffee
    And the classic advertisement of Folgers coffee
  5. Male lead in a plaid button-down
  6. Female lead in a tasteful gray blazer
  7. The roommates/colleagues/friends encourage the female lead to "take a risk"
    "What if it all works out?"
  8. Fluffy snow everywhere