In no particular order.
  1. Bridal Blair
  2. "It wouldn't be my world without you in it" Blair
  3. (Prom) Queen B
  4. Columbia Blair
    I used to have that same umbrella!
  5. "Say it again" Blair
  6. Princess Blair!
  7. Princess Blair (part two)
    Also so stunning
  8. Parisian Blair
    I'm so in love with the cherry-printed top and the soft hues of ice blue clashing against the dark pink
  9. Ice skating Blair
    Literally the cutest holiday outfit
  10. Thanksgiving Blair
    From my favorite Thanksgiving episode of all Thanksgiving episodes
  11. Pre-Cotillion Blair
    LONG LIVE THE NAVY WHITE AND RED COMBO. I recreated this color scheme many times a few years ago.
  12. See above
  13. Also, see above
    I miss her dark lip days
  14. .