In all their fluffiness and angst wow they make me so happy
  1. Stiles x Lydia, Teen Wolf
    "Even someone as burned and dead on the inside as me knows better than to underestimate the simple yet undeniable power of human love."
  2. Scott x Allison, Teen Wolf
    "Remember what it feels like—all of those times in school when you see him standing down the hall and you cannot breathe until you're with him."
  3. Bonnie x Damon, The Vampire Diaries
    "You're using me to get to Bonnie Bennett? Whoa, brother. You picked the wrong vampire." "We'll see about that."
  4. Caroline x Tyler, The Vampire Diaries
    "I'll go anywhere with you. I mean, if we have to spend the rest of our lives running, I will run with you."
  5. John x Cara, The Tomorrow People
    "Can't you see? This is where I belong. By your side, no matter what happens to us."
  6. Nate x Jenny, Gossip Girl
    "You're a really special girl, Jenny, who deserves a guy who's going to see that."
  7. Chuck x Blair, Gossip Girl
    "You're becoming a man in a way your father never was."
  8. Dan x Serena, Gossip Girl
    "I like the way I feel when he looks at me. Like I want to believe in myself."
  9. Kelly x Zack, Saved by the Bell
    "You're crazy." "Only about you."
  10. Emily x Alison, Pretty Little Liars
    "How about forever?"
  11. Jess x Rory, Gilmore Girls
    "I know you. I know you better than anyone."
  12. Dave x Lane, Gilmore Girls
    "Don't apologize. I love you."
  13. Brooke x Lucas, One Tree Hill
    "She's the one."
  14. Nathan x Haley, One Tree Hill
    "Always and forever."
  15. Ethan x Silver, 90210
    "I don't think we're just friends."
  16. Kelly x Dylan, Beverly Hills 90210
    "We are two little kids who had to walk home from school by ourselves because our parents forgot to pick us up." (Also: "Maybe it's not the Santa Ana's, maybe I'm just nervous about being with you.")
  17. Eli x Clare, Degrassi
    "What, that she could hold a candle to Clare Edwards? Not even close."
  18. Holly J x Declan, Degrassi
    "You have to trust me, Holly J. I don't normally try this hard, and I am terrified right now." (Also: "Being in love makes you feel like you have super powers.")
  19. Jake x Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    "Did you?" "Maybe. Yes. A little."